Grounded In Our Past, Focused On The Future

Amsa Hospitality is a Saudi Arabian venture that combines expertise with bold visions. As a citizen company driven by corporate social responsibility, we redefine the hotel industry by embracing challenges, fostering innovation, and staying true to our heritage.

Our state-of-the-art facilities revolutionize hospitality by blending traditional Arabian design with modern amenities, providing exceptional experiences for discerning business travelers. We exceed expectations by offering high-quality, lifestyle midscale properties in strategically selected locations.

Amsa Hospitality, envisioned by Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Alathel, rose from a longing for authentic Arabian generosity. In a sea of generic hotels, a distinctive concept took shape, seamlessly blending ancient hospitality with a contemporary lifestyle.

With its wings spread wide, Amsa Hospitality soared, ready to revolutionize not only the Arabian hospitality scene but also make a lasting impact on the global hospitality landscape.

Hospitality is all about people, about exceeding expectations

The world renown centuries-old Arabian hospitality is about welcoming guests genuinely, with a smile that comes from the heart. To ensure every day this genuineness, Amsa Hospitality’ philosophy is simple: We want our guests and partners to feel good and proud to be dealing with us. For that, there is no secret.

Amsa Hospitality belief

Because Amsa Hospitality is a vision come true, the values we are all living by are demanding:

  • Together, we embrace our heritage of generosity and caring.
  • Together, we are committed to make a difference.
  • Together, we share ideas to always be the best.
  • Together, we make our work environment open, fun and relaxed.
  • Together, we live as valuable members of our communities

Amsa Hospitality partners only with the best

Only the best also when it comes to selecting international hospitality groups to operate selected hotels. For instance with the Radisson Hotel Group (RHG) with the exceptional Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport that achieves continuously no less than the surroundings of 9.0 rating on!

Innovative, efficient, yet generous

Amsa Hospitality is different at its core:

Thanks to our exclusive vision of bringing centuries old Arabian traditions of hospitality of welcoming and generosity to today’s world, we are doing business with a truly innovative mindset.