The Amsa Hospitality Way

The “Amsa Hospitality way” is first and foremost a management style based primarily on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability and Arabian generosity as the core guiding principles.

Because we are hoteliers at heart, everyone we deal with are seen as ‘Guests’, and are treated as such:

The Amsa Hospitality Lifestyle

Amsa Hospitality is about being generous and caring in all we do, always with the underlining aim to be continuously innovative, creative.

This is the reason why we are celebrating our colleagues innovations to improve our daily work-life, but also to ensure a perfect work / life balance,  so that everyday is a special and enjoyable day.

The Amsa Hospitality Arabian Way

Amsa Hospitality celebrates the Arabian centuries-old traditions of generosity and welcoming in the most up-to-date, lifestyle-oriented environment.

For centuries, in Arab countries, travelers and guests are greeted with genuine pleasure, with the biggest smile and the warmest “Marhaba!”; hosts always ensuring that their guests receive the best treatment, using every opportunity to honor them. 

The Amsa Hospitality Design

Amsa Hospitality proudly showcases today and tomorrow’s Arab artists in all its properties.

The Arab artistic scene is living and kicking and we want the world to know it! Heir of an art form that dates back to the 7th century CE, Amsa Hospitality proudly celebrates and promotes Arabian design, unique to tourn civilization; an art form that keeps gaining in popularity year after year, all around the world.

The Hallmark of Arabian Hospitality

Amsa Hospitality is the only hallmark of Arabian hospitality! We are proud of our ancestral origins, those roots that make Amsa Hospitality like no other.

They make us unique as we are bringing to the hospitality industry market a new proposal that no one has seen before. Amsa Hospitality is more than a unique hospitality group with an innovative proposal.



As a committed Citizen Company, we put Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of our code of conduct.
We pledge to implement the highest ethical values such as honesty, fairness, integrity, trustworthiness, and respect.

We want to be knows as "one of the best of class".


As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagement, we see the communities where we live and work as being an important part of everything we do:

We pledge that our business activities will never harm them, and that we actively participate in making them a better place to live in.


We aim at being recognized as the best company to deal with. As part of our pledge to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we support the “4 Caring Ps”:
  • People
  • Partners
  • Preservation (sustainability)
  • Planet


Eco-innovations are at the heart of our Research & Development efforts:

All green innovative ideas are welcome from anyone working with us, regardless of their positions and duties.

We believe in empowerment, we think that all sustainable ideas are to be noticed and are a step in the right direction.